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URO 300 System delivered to Navegação São Miguel

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Nigel Bennett  |  6322 Views

Aqua-Guard delivers yet another URO 300 large offshore oil skimming system to Navegação São Miguel Ltda.

Aqua-Guard's team has just returned from commissioning yet another URO 300 large offshore oil skimming system with our Brazilian customer, Navegação São Miguel (a member of the Brasbunker group). This system is one of six ordered by Navegação São Miguel, of which four have been completed to date.

Aqua-Guard also commissioned another URO 300 skimming system installed onboard the vessel Mar Limpo II, the first purpose-built oil spill response vessel of its kind built in Brazil. Mar Limpo II was built in Brazil's São Miguel shipyard in partnership with UK power systems provider, Rolls-Royce. The vessel is designed to combat oil spills at sea and is contracted by Petrobras.

The Mar Limpo II is the first of a series of modern OSRVs built in Brazil with over 70% local investment and content.

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