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Aqua-Guard Wins Award for Innovation

Posted on November 12, 2012 by Nigel Bennett  |  6646 Views

Aqua-Guard wins prestigious Business Excellence Award for Innovation from the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Winner of Innovation Award based on the design and development of RBS TRITON™ state-of-the-art oil skimming technology.

The Aqua-Guard team of Lee Marshall (Production Manager), Cameron Janz (CEO) and Nigel Bennett (Co-founder) were presented with this award at the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala, November 8, 2012.

Congratulations to everyone at Aqua-Guard.

About Aqua-Guard

Aqua-Guard provides a range of state-of-the-the-art oil spill response solutions including the URO Skimmer System and the RBS TRITON™ range of oil skimmers—all built on Aqua-Guard’s patented RBS TRITON™ technology to deliver some of the highest efficiency and recovery rates in the industry.