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Aqua-Guard’s hand portable oil skimmers cleaning up at home and internationally

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Nigel Bennett  |  3605 Views

Since the early 1990’s, Aqua-Guard has provided over 1,000 easily transportable oil skimming systems to clients around the world

Working hand in hand with companies like Alyeska Pipeline Service Company of Alaska back in the mid 1990’s,  Aqua-Guard specifically designed hand portable RBS oil skimming systems to be placed on standby at each of Alyeska’s remote pump stations along with their marine operations (SERVS)  in Valdez.

Companies in Alaska have recently increased the nameplate capacity of many of these original RBS skimmers by 300% by incorporating Aqua-Guard’s patented RBS TRITON™ technology.

Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSRO) such as Clean Caribbean & Americas Cooperative (now Oil Spill Response Ltd - OSRL) also stocked up with Aqua-Guards’ RBS TRITON™ 35 skimming systems, specifically designed for CCA to be air transportable via small aircraft in the event of a spill around the Caribbean.

Another example is western Canada’s Oil Spill Containment and Recovery (OSCAR) trailers, which are operated by OSRO’s such as Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd. along with pipeline companies such as Pembina, Kinder Morgan and Enbridge.   These trailers include Aqua-Guard’s RBS TRITON™ 35 skimming systems with interchangeable brush, drum and discs on standy for oil spills from diesel fuel to diluted bitumen.

Aqua-Guard’s RBS TRITON™ 35 and 60 skimmers have become the primary skimmer for many OSROs and pipeline companies in Canada, USA and 104 countries around the world.

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Aqua-Guard provides a range of state-of-the-the-art oil spill response solutions including the URO Skimmer System and the RBS TRITON™ range of oil skimmers—all built on Aqua-Guard’s patented RBS TRITON™ technology to deliver some of the highest efficiency and recovery rates in the industry.