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RBS TRITON™ Skimming Technology

  • Innovative

    •  Patented RBS TRITON™ (U.S. 7,303,688) oil skimming technology
    •  Continual research & development / testing
    •  100% Canadian developed and manufactured

  • Efficient

    •  All RBS TRITON™ skimmers and URO skimming systems incorporate our patented RBS TRITON™ technology
    •  Increased recovery capacity by 300% compared to previous RBS skimmers
    • Up to 98% recovery efficiency (98:2 oil to water)

  • Flexible

    •  Only one skimmer head is required to recover virtually any viscosity of oil
    •  Full skimmer range available up to 600 m³/h recovery capacity
    •  Ability to customize equipment to meet specific customer requirements

  • Proven

    •  DNV & ABS witnessed tests to ASTM Standards for recovery capacity / efficiency
    •  DNV witnessed test for heavy oil recovery
    •  ISO 9001:2008 certified

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