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Screw Pump

The new Aqua Guard screw pump boasts high performance with extremely viscous fluids

The NEW positive displacement screw pumps boast high performance with light and extremely viscous fluids. The pumps are ideal for oil skimming systems, emergency transfer, bilge pumping, offloading and ballasting.

The pumps have been performance tested at Ohmsett (The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility, USA).

• Archimedes’ screw pump with sealing disc
• Positive displacement
• High capacities from 19.2m3/h to 35.6 m3/h (121 to 224 bbl/h)
• High delivery pressures from 10 to 14 bar (145 to 203 psi)
• Fully manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316
• Minimum manhole diameter from 300 mm to 350 mm (11.8 to 13.8 in)
• 50 to 75mm (2 to 3 in) camlock discharge port
• Solids handling from 15mm to 25mm (0.6 to 1.0 in)

• Can be run dry or with water (ideal for OSR training)
• Compact and robust
• Chemical and corrosion resistant
• Easy disassembled, cleaned and maintained
• Fluid viscosity - water to heavy oils
• Does not emulsify oil

Currently, a higher capacity pump is in development which will be ready early 2020.

Screw pumps - Heavy duty Specifications
# Recovery
35.6 230 YES YES YES YES

Aqua Guard Archimedean screw pump (AG-3INSCR-36)

Type: Archimedes’ screw pump with sealing disc, Positive displacement pump

Fluid viscosity: from water to heavy oils

Submersible: Yes

Motor: Hydraulic

Displacement: 80 cc

Max. Speed: 810 rpm/930 rpm**

Torque: 240 N.m

Max. Req. Hydr. flow rate: 65/75 l/min (cont.) **

Max. Req. Hydr. pressure: 210 bar (cont.)

Hydraulic connectors: (steel ISO-B) Pressure: 3/4” ; Return: 3/4” ; Drain: 3/8”

Pump Flow rate*: Up to 31.7 m3/h (230 Bbl/hr @ 810 rpm** Up to 35.6 m3/h @ 930 rpm**

Pump delivery pressure: Up to 14 bar

Max. Required Energy*: 19 kW

Energy consumption examples*: 17,80 kW @ 10 bar-20.2 m3/h (≈760rpm)

Materials Pump body: AISI-316

Sealing disc: VITON® coated stainless steel (AISI-316) Fluoropolymer inner coatings

Shaft Sealings: PTFE

Dimensions - mm: 220 x 345 x 520

Weight: 52 kg + accessories

Min. manhole diameter: Ø350 mm

Connectors: Camlock 3” AISI 316

Solids: Up to Ø25 mm (1”)

Accessories: Steam/hot water injection available on both suction and discharge flanges. Pipe connection. Wheel trolly available, Suction macerator and suction grid/screen available.

*Data based on performance testing at Ohmsett, The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility (USA), during July 2018. Actual performance data is retained at the Ohmsett Facility and is available for review upon request to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Technical Representative paul.meyer@bsee.gov or the Ohmsett Facility Manager lzabilansky@ara.com

**Depending on the motor installed

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