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Take That Leap - An Inspiring book published by a SCAA Member

Posted on May 26, 2018 by Nigel Bennett  |  1419 Views

Take That Leap - An Inspiring book published by a SCAA Member Who has Contributed Significantly to Our Spill Response Industry. Nigel Bennett's recently published autobiographical book titled Take That Leap, is the fourth book published by proven leaders of our spill response industry. SCAA recognizes and salutes Nigel Bennett as he joins the ranks of Dave Usher, Jack Gallagher and Jim Miller.


In a very uncertain world, entrepreneurs like Nigel Bennett are our best hope for the future. During the thirty years he's been building a business to protect the world's most precious resource of water, he has been whacked on the side of the head as often as he's been nudged out of his comfort zone. His extraordinary journey from dyslexic high school graduate to global entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist has much to teach us about responsibility, freedom and the bravery that surfaces in moments when everything is on the line.

In 1992, Nigel co-founded Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. The business's mission: protect water, the world's most precious resource. For over twenty years, the company has designed, fabricated and supplied marine oil spill response equipment and provided related services to 3,000+ clients worldwide. Aqua-Guard's patented oil skimming technology has been used to clean up spills from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and from Egypt to China. Nigel and Aqua-Guard have received multiple awards for their innovation, business excellence and entrepreneurialism.

In his action-oriented autobiography "Take That Leap: Risking it all for what really matters" Nigel Bennett shares the many leaps he took on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, spouse and parent. Follow him as he moves between the intensity of extreme outdoor adventures and the intense work of starting, building and growing a successful international business dedicated to protecting water, the world's most precious resource. Discover some of the bigger leaps he and his fellow entrepreneurs make on the way to success, and what helps them nimbly cross any chasms. Learn how going for a life rhythm, rather than life balance can make it possible for you to:

- Leverage your business to do good in the world
- Travel and have extreme adventures doing so
- Spend tons of time with your family
- Give back through numerous philanthropic activities.

If you have an interest in designing your life around what you care about, you'll want to read "Take That Leap." "Take That Leap" can be purchased on Amazon or at www.nigeljbennett.com. Nigel is donating the proceeds to his listed charities: View here. https://goo.gl/n1MYDk

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