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Clean Pacific Oil Spill Conference - Vancouver

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Nigel Bennett  |  3891 Views

The Western Canada Marine Response Corp (WCMRC) hosted a sail past demonstrating their newest oil spill response assets to a crowd of delegates attending the Clean Pacific oil spill conference last week in Vancouver.

WCMRC hosted an on-water vessel and equipment display on June 18th as part of the Clean Pacific Conference last week in Vancouver.  Joining WCMRC in the sail past will be vessels and assets from the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, the US Coast Guard and Seaspan. Spill response vessels and equipment on display will included:

Vessels & Aircraft
• WCMRC’s MJ Green
• WCMRC’s Burrard Cleaner #18 Barge
• WCMRC’s Burrard Cleaner #8
• USCGC Henry Blake
• CCG Hovercraft
• Transport Canada’s NASP surveillance aircraft
• WCMRC’s General Purpose Boom
• WCMRC’s Aqua-Guard RBS Triton 150 Offshore Skimming system
• WCMRC’s Hawk Owl Aerostat Surveillance Balloon

The display was held in Vancouver Harbour near the Vancouver Convention Centre and was a great success.

See CBC news link showing video of full event:


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