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Aqua-Guard’s Permanent Protection Solutions for Ports and Harbours

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Ron Howard  |  3418 Views

Over the past 25 years, Aqua-Guard has supplied & installed over 100,000 metres of its Harbourflex Permanent Oil Containment Boom to more than 30 countries worldwide

Aqua-Guard's permanent booming systems continue to be a popular choice among our long established customers as well as first time users.

Customers & applications include:
-     port authorities (port protection security and spill control)
-     petrochemical terminals (containment of spills)
-     waste-water treatment plants (containment of accidental discharge)
-     marine parks (protection barrier)
-     power plants and desalination plants (water intake protection)
-     debris barriers (protection from any type of floating debris)
-     marinas (containment of accidental spills)
-     separation ponds (concentration of surface oil)

With such a myriad of applications, Aqua-Guard's Harbourflex Containment Boom stands out as a world leader in permanent marine protection.

Recently, Aqua-Guard has supplied 1,200 metres of heavy duty 350 high tensile barrier fabric (3500 lbs/in; 625 kg/cm) to protect a wildlife sancturary. This tensile rating equates to more than 126,000 lbs or 57,000 kg based on a 36 in (91 cm) wide boom size.

Harbourflex Boom offers low maintenance and a life expectancy of over 25 years (in normal marine conditions).

The current low Canadian dollar makes Harbourflex very cost effective!

Contact Aqua-Guard to see how we can help you with your marine protection applications.

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