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Aqua-Guard’s Latin American Strike Team Complete Another Very Successful Commissioning and Training

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Nigel Bennett  |  1837 Views

A commissioning and training drill was supervised by Aqua-Guard’s top Latin American oil spill response technicians with participants from local authorities along with Aqua-Guard’s local agents

Aqua-Guard’s team and drill participants launched oil spill response equipment from a bridge into a river simulating an oil spill upstream. The equipment included an Aqua-Guard RBS TRITON™ 35 oil skimming system, oil containment booms, dual oil transfer pump systems and various unique accessories.  These systems were deployed from an Aqua-Guard multi-purpose oil spill response trailer via a self-contained crane system.  Boom and oil skimming systems were lowered into the river to demonstrate Aqua-Guard's equipment unique ability to both contain and recover oil during this mock exercise.

For additional information on this and other training exercises, please contact our Latin America Regional Manager, Francisco "Paco" Jimenez pacoj@aquaguard.com

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